Student & Client Testimonials

I loved taking your class.  I have learned so much.  I will never forget the skills that you taught me.  You’re a great, person and a motivator.  I fought the activities tooth and nail but you never gave up on me and my ability to do greatness.  You are wonderful! Thank you!  I look forward to working with you in the near future.  – Elnora T. age 22
This 6 week course was just amazing! I learned a lot!  It’s awesome to know I am now a published writer.  I am also not shy to go up to the mic and read my poetry.  – Kiki D. age 21
I wanna say thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me find my voice again!  I love the class and I really can’t wait to share the gift of poetry to the world.  My Write Out Loud won’t stop here.  It will forever be a part of me, I love [you] for everything and thank you again – Britney T. age 23
This was an impressive class and inspired me for a lifetime.  – Louis W. age 24
It was an extremely intriguing, interesting and an irreplaceable experience!  Our teacher was very reliable and understanding.  I hope I can travel with her someday.
– Victor I.
This class was a blessing.  It was refreshing.  I enjoyed writing and I wish [it] could have lasted longer.  It was nice to actually have a teacher and other students who understood me and were relatable.  I enjoyed listening to other writers.  – Patrick B. age. 19
What was most helpful to me, taking this class, was being able to break down lyrics a little bit more and to get the full understanding of the type of music that we listen to.  It also showed me how to speak in a different tone and relate my life to a different person or animal. – Douglas B. age. 21
…I want to thank you for saving me. Your stories, resilience, passion, dedication, love, help and humble nature saved me from destruction. I was once lost but because I was blessed by you [for] allowing me to be a blessing, I am found. I have family within you (vice versa). I remember what we shared with one another and am completely graceful for your contribution in molding me into the man I am today. With you I know I shall never be alone.  – Shawn D. age. 21
“Professionally, I had the pleasure of contracting her services in which I was able to observe Monette’s stellar interaction with the students participating held at the Robinson Park and a community concert held at Brookside Park in the City of Pasadena.  She is the founder a writing program that is crucial in helping at risk students understand word usage as well as help the model student enhance their creative skills and boost their oral development capabilities.”  – Kenny James, City of Pasadena, Recreation Supervisor
“Being a teacher for twelve years now, I am always interested in observing the teaching methods of other teachers and Monette, is amazing.  She has an electrifying personality that draws people in, not to mention her dedication and work ethic, which was just what our youth needed.  Monette’s professionalism inspired the students to recognize that time management is a key ingredient to being successful.  During their sessions, students were not simply taught the dynamics of poetry.  They also learned some universal life lessons that they will be to apply to any position that they may attain in the future.  – Mrs. Sypherd, BSU Advisor, San Gorgonio High School
“It is without reservation that I recommend Monette to any school, district office or community organization.  Her and her associates performed original productions involving dramatization, poetry, cultural folktales, music and dance, which simultaneously interweaving important lessons regarding the dangers of tobacco and drug use, conflict management, multi-cultural appreciation and tolerance, and school success– Kennon Mitchell, Principal, Frisbie Middle School
“Monette Miles is an outstanding orator and motivational speaker. She has a unique gift for motivating students and interacting with them in a professional manner. You will be delighted to see the poetry projects that students develop through her guidance.  Monette would also be a wonderful resource for professional development opportunities for your staff in the area of writing and literacy. I am confident that you will find her warm spirit and charming demeanor an excellent complement to her outstanding programs.” Shalimar Horsley, Rialto Unified School District